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Brooklyn DreamWolf/ Vision Change Win
Performing Artist/Facilitator/Teacher/Consultant/Organizer
Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester-Born, Texas-Bred and Brooklyn-Brewed, YaliniDream conjures spirit through her unique blend of poetry, theater, song, and dance-- reshaping reality and seeking peace through justice in the lands of earth, psyche, soul, and dream. YaliniDream's work has been performed internationally in Africa, Asia, Europe, and esteemed venues in the US such as NYC’s Lincoln Center, New York Live Arts (formerly Dance Theater Workshop), Chicago's Vittum Theater, and numerous universities including Stanford, Yale, and University of Manchester. YaliniDream was Artistic Director of APIA feminist performance company, Mango Tribe, Artist-in-Residence at Asian Arts Initiative, a recipient of the Jerome Foundation's Fellowship in Literature, and a 2013 Artist-in-Residence at the University of Michigan's Center for World Performance Studies. In October 2014, YaliniDream presented "Wounds Unkissed" at the 43rd Annual Tamil Literary Gathering in Zurich, Switzerland. As part of DreamWolf, YaliniDream performs internationally and collaborates with her partner, in Love and Art, Hip Hop MC and Photographer, Jendog Lonewolf.

YaliniDream has fifteen years of experience using artistic tools for healing, organizing, and empowerment with communities recovering from trauma. She has eight years of facilitation experience with war-affected communities in Sri Lanka and refugee camps in India. She facilitated a theatrical storytelling project with Andolan, an organizing center run by, and for, South Asian domestic workers in Queens, NY. She was a founding member of the Audre Lorde Project's SOS (Safe Outside the System) Collective, which works to use community-based responses to address homophobic and transphobic violence against people of color in Central Brooklyn. She is an educational specialist with EM Techniques, a volunteer with the War Resisters League, and consultant with Vision Change Win.