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Rad Care
Executive DIrector
Greater Seattle Area
Rad Care is fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects. We are mostly activists, artists, survivors and healers. RAD Care stands for Radical Accessible & Decolonizing Community Care. We are led by those most disenfranchised i.e. queer, trans, people of color, mixed race, indigenous, people with disabilities, people living with HIV & Hep C, sex workers, active drug users, people experiencing homeless &/or participate in street economies.

RAD Care is working to provide better services to those most disenfranchised by society by creating leadership and economic opportunities. We are working to increase mobile outreach with a syringe exchange, HIV/Hep C testing and some basic medical care. We are working on several grants to create income opportunities for individuals within these populations to do this outreach work. We are also looking into incorporating more decriminalization advocacy. We create trainings and workshops. Future goals include: outreach and medic volunteer training.