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Paola Piers-Torres

The Babel Project
The Babel Project, New York, N.Y. – Site Manager and Youth Educator
New York City
Paola graduated from Barnard College at Columbia University with a B.A. in Sociology and Human Rights and a minor in Latino Studies. She is currently receiving her M.A. from the School of Public Engagement at the New School in Media Studies.

After college Paola spontaneously decided to uproot herself to Philadelphia, a city that often reminded her of her hometown Chicago. There she landed a job as a Site Coordinator to a bilingual public school in North Philadelphia. It was there, that Paola saw the importance of working on the ground level with community organizations and the importance of providing youth with safe spaces to grow and be creative. She continues working and empowering youth through the Babel Project and is currently working on her first feature documentary titled “The Chicago Mixtape” which tells the story of how arts programming has forever changed a generation of Chicago’s youth and provided an alternative to the violent life on the streets of Chicago.

Paola believes that if we want to see a greater social justice progress lifetime, we need to continue to work with the generation of young people that have the power to create it.