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In Divine Company
I'm co-facilitating with Linda!!

Our bios ;)

Pampi D is the culture worker/artist/poet/educator at www.thirdeyefell.com, founder of www.indivinecompany.org and founding member of Massachusetts Creative Workers (MCW) organizing non-unionized creative workers for living wage.

They are a U.S. born, gender-queer, dark(er)-skinned, casted persxn with a middle class upbringing.

They believe personal liberation is rooted deeply in the liberation of every person in this world and in listening deeply and connecting to our individual callings.

They conceived "Reclaiming Economic Theory with the Personal Manifesto" listening to the vibrations inside them and inside communities that hold them up.

Linda Jenkins is a child of God, a mother & a grand-mother, a recovering lawyer, a mediator & a trainer of mediators. She has co-facilitated Alternatives To Violence Project workshops in prisons, started & run a non-profit where she created & spun-off 2 restorative justice programs that continue to serve their communities in northern NH. She also started & ran a successful for-profit solo law practice. More recently she is an activist anarchist organizer (a member of Occupy Boston) who was the head of Quakers in NE & a minister at a progressive community church in Copley Square, Boston. She continues her ministry, Faith of Feet, in a number of arenas: she is a dancer, poet & street-performer with the Boston-based company, RUKUS. Linda is a practitioner of intentional downward mobility, embracing voluntary poverty as a mode of lived-solidarity with "the least of these" & of tax-resistance to the military-corporate-prison complex. Finally, she is Gender Queer, embracing gender-identification & sexual-orientation as works in progress for herself personally.