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Jendog Lonewolf

Brooklyn Dreamwolf
Hip Hop MC/Photographer/Educator
Jendog Lonewolf is a Two-Spirit Hip Hop Lyricist/MC/Educator/Photographer from Bushwick, Brooklyn blessed with lyrical wizardry & songs that are cross-bred with some ol' school essence, ancient wisdom(s) & social justice over mesmerizing, head-rockin' production, touring & facilitating workshops at universities, conferences, etc, as one half of the duo, Brooklyn Dreamwolf, (w/YaliniDream), at places like Stanford U., Syracuse U., and internationally in Africa, Cambodia, Canada, Grand Cayman, India, UK, and Sri Lanka.
She navigates multiple spaces as an artist that sits at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality, challenging stereotypes and delivering messages of Love, Life, social Justice and Self-defense. Through her striking, sharp, layered 'organic' photography and lyricism, Jendog delivers hard-hitting, factual rhymes loaded with veracity, telling stories of how she lives, loves, learns, and sees.
Jendog has performed internationally in Africa, Canada, and Asia, sharing stages with icons like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nile Rodgers, Joan Baez, and the long-time Civil Rights activist/entertainer, Harry Belafonte. She moves through many different spaces and works to unite and facilitate conversations across disparate communities and movements and delivers the essence of Hip Hop culture and music as a voice of the People.
From the ages of thirteen to sixteen, Jendog lived on the streets as a runaway, hitchhiking to California at fourteen. "I'm a Hip Hop artist, born and bred during some of New York City's ugliest eras, and while I have not seen it all, I have seen a lot. I've witnessed, first-hand, the neglect & criminalization of the poor, the wreckage of young minds, young bodies, and old Souls. I strive to consistently be the change that most of us want/need to see. I sing for Movement, I sing for Justice, for fun, I sing for Equality, I sing for the Youth, and I sing for lost & aching Souls." Jendog Lonewolf is currently in the final stages ofprepping her upcoming solo album, "Eyes Up, Wise Up, Rise Up".

Jendog Lonewolf is also a recipient of an original Kehinde Wiley painting from VH1's Hip Hop Honors for her contributions to Hip Hop Culture, the Rapp’n Tate Da Great's Hip Hop United Under One Star 2014 Humanitarian Award, the 2015 Women's Humanitarian International Award and the 2015 Hip Hop Junky Honors Award for her role(s) as Hip Hop MC, Artivist, and Educator.