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Candice Fletcher-Pacheco

Worker Bee Industries Non-Profit Consulting
Buffalo, NY
I am a superfat, high-femme, cis-gendered 40 year old queer born of African-American and Choctaw indigenous roots. I come to you jazzed to share my experiences, witness, hold space, learn and activate at AMC as someone who shares the complexities of several marginalized identities that are central to my sense of justice, survival, and ethics of fairness, and extension of care. I am the wife (of almost 20 years) of a Xicana political organizer and community activist warrior. Together, we are the sleepless co-parents of a Black son. I am a daughter who grieves the recent loss of my mother, Dr. Deborah Golden Johnson Fletcher, who was a civil rights activist, child advocate, and humble survivor who would relish a gathering like AMC. I am freshly partnered to a solo-poly social worker and sage. I am the development director of a youth-serving homeless shelter, a longtime non-profit consultant, and a lapsed academic in the fields of racial, colonialist, gender and feminist studies. Primarily, I am the keeper of a heart that beats to the tempo of “do no harm and take no shit.”